Our Services

Initiative proponents and petition managers now have an alternative to traditional signature collection firms.

Verafirma and its partners provide start-to-finish management, consulting, and technology for initiative management.

  • Signature collection software for both desktop computers and the 54 million iPhones and other touchscreen smartphones in the United States.
  • Fundraising after the petition has been signed.
  • Petition preparation for digital delivery.
  • Coordination with viral, electronic, and physical campaigns, as well as coordination with paper-based signature methods.
  • Viral and social marketing services.

Each campaign has access to an individualized management portal that:

  • Provides real-time information on signing events, rejections, locations, and voter feedback.
  • Tracks fundraising progress, including differential tests on messaging.
  • Petition preparation for digital delivery.

Backed by a team that knows security, technology, and the legal environment:

  • Scalable, secured, hosted servers.
  • Protected by the same security technology in use by 3 of the top ten banks.
  • Experts in fraud detection and prevention.

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