To Registrars of Voters and Secretaries of State:

We want to work with you

Verafirma's technology meets not only the letter but the spirit of the law. We also believe that our technology can not only improves our democracy, but it makes your job easier. We will work with you to:

  • Continuously improve our user interface and data compatibility to work with your systems.
  • Deliver petitions to you in the most useful and easily deployable format.

We also offer the following to any Registrar of Voters, Secretary of State, or government official involved in maintaining the integrity of the electoral process:

  • You have the right to inspect our servers, data facilities, server logs, and security procedures.
  • Our source code is published online. You have the right to inspect our source code.
  • You have the right to demand relevant petition data in the format of your choosing.

Secure Petitions believes that electronic signatures will make your job easier and detect and prevent more fraud than traditional paper-based signature gathering.

  • No more sampling: verify 100% of petitions received.
  • Out of band and second factor verification methods easily obtained.
  • Tamper-evident process open to your inspection.

Contact us today to discuss how we work together.