Latest News:
  • 5/15/2010 Merc: Santa Clara County Accepts Verafirma's Signatures
  • 3/12/2010 Verafirma's response to San Mateo County, AG and Sec. of State
  • 3/8/2010 California Attorney General Joins the Fight
  • 3/8/2010 California Secretary of State Weighs In Against Using Technology
  • 3/8/2010 Read San Mateo County's response to Verafirma lawsuit
  • 2/22/2010 Read Verafirma's lawsuit
  • 2/22/2010 Verafirma Files Lawsuit in San Mateo County
  • 2/16/2010 Verafirma's response to rejection by San Mateo County
  • 2/16/2010 San Mateo County Rejects Verafirma's Electronic Signatures
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