How Do I Sign?

Learn 1. Read and Learn
Every petition contains the full text and appears exactly as you would see it if it were printed on paper. Please click though to supporting documentation, proponent websites, or perform a Google search to make sure you have all the information you need in order to sign.
Archive Messages 2. Sign with a PC and an iPhone

It's easy to sign:

1. Enter your typewritten information
2. Enter your iPhone number or the email that you can access on your iPhone or iPod Touch -- and we will send you a message with a link.
3. Click the link and follow the prompts. You will handwrite information as required by California law -- your name, your signature, your address, and today's date. To print, use your finger on the touchscreen.

That's it! Once you click "Finish" both you and the sponsoring campign will receive the signed document by email.

OR . . Sign with Just an iPhone
Follow the directions above but you will do the entire process on your iPhone or iPod Touch -- no need for an SMS or email.
Share 3. Share
Post the petition on your Facebook page or tweet about it to friends and family. Reach out and make sure the initiative you support gets on the ballot.