About Us

A new approach to petition management.

Verafirma is a Silicon Valley technology company. The Verafirma team has developed electronic signature solutions for major government and financial institutions. Our newest efforts, which we call the Democracy Project, will pioneer the use of electronic signatures for politics.

  • Let neighbors and friends inform your vote through online social networks.
  • End the practice of paid signature gatherers bothering people outside of grocery stores.
  • Reduce costs -- a campaign's budget should be spent on education, organizing, and crafting quality legislation.
  • Improve the quality of initiatives: an initiative should be put before the voters if enough voters voters approve it because they believe it’s good public policy -- not because its sponsors can hire signature gatherers at $10 per signature.
  • Reduce fraud in the signature process and use the latest security and authentication technologies.
  • Seek informed voters -- no more glancing at a 10 page bill outside a subway station or a grocery store-- read arguments for and against before you sign.


Jude Barry, Co-Founder
Jude has worked in local government, California state campaigns, and national politics as a top-level strategist and manager. He advises Fortune 500 companies, political candidates, and non-profit organizations. Jude is currently one of the lead strategists for the San Francisco 49ers’ efforts to build a new NFL stadium. Because of his expertise in politics, policy, and technology, Jude is a regular and respected source for local, state, and national news reporters.

Jude has earned local, state, and national recognition for his expertise in government and politics during the last three decades. Most notably, in 2006, he was the campaign manager for Westly for Governor, managing a statewide California political and media operation with a $45 million budget. During the 2004 presidential cycle, Jude served as the California state director for former Vermont Governor Howard Dean’s campaign. He helped develop the cutting-edge technology strategy that allowed the Dean campaign to recruit and organize an unprecedented 100,000 volunteers in the state. In local government, Jude was chief of staff to the Mayor of San Jose and developed San Jose’s strategy to maintain its standing as the " Capital of Silicon Valley " and the " Internet Capital of the World."

Jude's touchscreen device of choice is the Apple iPhone.

Michael Marubio, Co-Founder
Michael is an entrepreneur who has worked extensively in the cryptography and electronic signature markets. For the past 15 years, Michael has led teams that have built and sold the electronic records management and signature systems to such organizations as the Federal Reserve, Citi, Travelers Insurance, NetSuite, and JP Morgan.Chase. Michael has founded several companies including OnePage (acquired by Sybase), VF Signature, Retail Expansion Network, and Bellalingua; and is currently the CEO of Xignature, an electronic signature company.

Michael has done his time in politics as a fundraiser and activist in Chicago and Washington D.C., and is excited to be part of a venture that combines electronic signing and politics.

Michael's touchscreen of choice of the Vadem Clio, which he is currently trying to resuscitate with a Linux transplant, and wishes current netbook manufacturers would rediscover this near-perfect form factor.

Steve Churchwell, Counsel
Steve is a partner at the global law firm DLA Piper LLP and has practiced political and regulatory law in Sacramento since 1986. He represents clients involved in high-stakes initiative and referendum campaigns. Steve served as General Counsel for the California Fair Political Practices Commission from 1993-2000.

Steve won't give up his Blackberry, but is eyeing the Blackberry Storm 2, if it is capable of supporting electronic signatures.